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Pattern Ekshärad. With the Ekshärad pattern, I want to capture the spirit found in these life-affecting crosses in Ekshärad, that contains so much Swedish culture history and craftsmanship.

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  • Ekshärad, Hagfors Kommun, Värmlands län, Sweden
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The Iron Cross is called Life Tree, it is an ancient Christian symbol that reminds us that even though people dating site ekshärad, life never ends.

The life trees make Ekshärad an international attraction that is found on stamps and encyclopedias.

See all images Welcome to Hagfors municipality We are all suffering from a complete new situation this year, where we cannot travel, explore destinations and meet each other as we are used to. Many events are cancelled, sights and museums might have altered opening hours or are closed. We do our utmost to keep the information on our website up to date. For information about a certain event, sight or accommodation we ask you to contact the organizer directly or ask us at the Tourist Information. Our borders are open for visitors and we welcome you to Hagfors, but, however, we like to ask you to inform yourself about the rules valid in Sweden before your visit.

Thanks to Prosten Krook, there are many old crosses preserved, the oldest being from the end of the s. There are over iron crosses in the cemetery in Ekshärad. Iron crosses are still being manufactured in the Stjärnfors forge.

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A craft that has been inherited in generations. A large part of Ekshärad's identity is in these iron crosses.

All our products with the design Ekshärad. The crosses have a long tradition that stretches to our days.

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Originally, they where made by local blacksmiths, now they are mainly dating site ekshärad in the Stjärnfossmedjan.

A big part of Ekshärads identity is still in these iron-crosses.

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The oldest cross is dated as early as the th from Nössemark Exactly how long mittens have been knitted in Scandinavia is unclear, but there are preserved mitten fragments dating back to as early as the 13th century.

A new church was built in the th century, but history has a tendency of repeated itself and it flooded once again.

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Designer Åse Öjbro, founder of Öjbro Vantfabrik, have created wearable art with mitten as her starting point. Åse worked as a painter in many years before she decided to express herself in wool instead.

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The cuff was given a two-colored rib to connect with the spikes found on the crosses.