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The municipalities are the color of the party that got the most votes within the coalition that won relative majority. Cartogram of the map to the left with each municipality rescaled to the number of valid votes cast.

Map showing the voting shifts from the to the election.

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Darker blue indicates a municipality voted more towards the parties that formed the centre-right bloc. Darker red indicates a municipality voted more towards the parties that form the left-wing bloc.

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Cartogram of vote with each municipality rescaled in proportion to number dating sweden undersåker valid votes cast. Deeper blue represents a relative majority for the single i arjeplog coalition, brighter single i arjeplog represents a relative majority for the left-wing coalition.

The listing of the results have been made with the 21st-century county mergers in mind to enable consistency.

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As a result, the Scanian and West Gothian constituencies that were in separate counties as of have been listed under their current counties, although the names of the original constituency from are included.

Counties not in accordance with provinces include the three Småland counties of JönköpingKalmar including Öland and Kronoberg.

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From an enlarged perspective, the three provinces of VästergötlandBohuslän and Dalsland form Västra Götaland. In those consisted of three separate counties, namely, BohuslänSkaraborg and Älvsborg.

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Skåne County did not exist in either, with the province divided between Kristianstad County in the north and Malmöhus County in the south. Örebro County is divided between three separate provinces centered around Närke. As a single i arjeplog, Västmanland County is smaller than the province.

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Stockholm County is also consisting part of the provinces of Södermanland and Upplandthe latter of which forms Uppsala County in its north. Farther north, Gävleborg is a merger between Gästrikland and HälsinglandVästernorrland consists of Medelpad and Ångermanlandwhereas Lapland is divided between Västerbotten and Norrbotten counties.

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Härjedalen is a single municipality roughly corresponding with the provincial borders, merged into Jämtland County.